Kitten Mittons! A Study in Beer

I’m here to talk about beer.  What does beer have to do with kittens, you ask?  I have no idea!  But Kitten Mittons is the name of Kulshan Brewing Company’s Winter Ale, and I’m here toasting the end of winter.  With some kittens.  And some mittons.

Kulshan Brewing Company’s Kitten Mittons Winter Ale

Kulshan Brewing Company’s Kitten Mittons Winter Ale

Kulshan Brewing Co. is a local brewery that opened about 4 years ago.  They have gained quite a local following, and I can understand why – their beer is really good!  Jon and I don’t usually go to the brewery because it is usually packed, but today we picked up a 32 oz. growler from our local beer shop.  Jon was contemplating a growler of their Porter, but I pushed him to get this Winter Ale.  I figured that it would be something we both could enjoy!

It has an aroma of chocolate and dates, and a medium body.  On the palate, it has more of the chocolate and roasted flavors, with balanced hops so it isn’t bitter.  It packs a punch with 7.5% ABV.

I paired it with breakfast for dinner – my parents were kind enough to take Jon and I out to breakfast this morning, and I had leftovers from my delicious Spanish Omelette.  Kitten Mittons will soon be giving way to the summer lineup, so get this while you still have a chance.

So, here’s a toast to the fact that it is after 7 pm, and thanks to daylight savings it is still light outside!  Cheers!

In case you wanted a picture of a real kitten, here's Ollie enjoying their new cat tree.

In case you wanted a picture of a real kitten, here’s Ollie enjoying their new cat tree.


17 thoughts on “Kitten Mittons! A Study in Beer

  1. Sounds wonderful! I keep thinking I’ll get a growler from our local brew place, even though I don’t drink much beer. Maybe when the temps hit triple digits…which isn’t too far off unfortunately. 🙂

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  3. The name has it! We have beers in Australia called ‘150 Lashes’ and ‘Four Wives’ (James Squire is the brewer). If we get around to getting married (instead of spending money travelling!!) I want to have this beer at our wedding so the waiters can ask: ‘would you like 150 lashes or four wives?’ Now to come up with a cheeky red and a crispy white with equally fun names… 🙂

    • Oooh! What a neat idea! Here are a couple I know of: Bombshell Red, by Airfield Estates in WA State, Mad Housewife (California, I think), I hear Australia has a wine called Passion Has Red Lips (haven’t tried it though), and there is a Chilean wine company called Sassy Bitch Wines (haven’t tried those either). That would be great fun! Maybe I should have a wine party with cheeky wine names as the theme!

  4. I notice that you have a beer glass from New Holland Brewing in the photo. Are you from the Holland, MI area? We are close, and cycle in to New Holland a couple of times a year. They are making some pretty good beers these days

    • Hi Judy,

      We live in the NW corner of Washington state, but my parents grew up in MI and many of my relatives still live there. We visit every couple of years – usually with stops in the Kalamazoo area and Bay City. And sometimes I get some time for a day trip for some wine or beer. I like the Holland beers and really enjoyed the pizza last time I was there! I had a Saugatuck Brewery glass too, but sadly I broke it. 😦

      Where are you at? Camille

      • We live in Grand Rapids (Beer City USA). Looking forward to exploring your blog a bit. We are big Malbec fans. Thanks for checking into my blog, too. We are currently in Santa Re, slowly making our way back to MI, hoping that the snow will be give by the time we get home.

      • Malbec – yum! I hope the snow will be gone for you too – my family are all really sick of it there. We had a gorgeous weekend with temps in the 60s. Fabulous!

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