My strange love…

Today I had to shell out a good chunk of dough for the 30,000 mile tune up on my car.  The money out of pocket is the bad news.  The good news is that all my service shop gives out a real treat when you get your car serviced.

What could it be?  Ice cream?  Cake?  Wine?

Free I-Pod?

Sure all those things would be nice.

But, nope…

A car wash!

I can’t explain it, but I love the car wash!  It just makes me giddy, when you drive in, and the automatic conveyor belt pulls the car along in little fits and starts.  You smell that wonderful soap smell, and hear the first pelting of water on the windshield.  And the brushes – I always laugh when the brushes come over the car, enveloping you in a little car wash cocoon.

Then there is the next pelting rinse cycle – you just feel cleaner as the water pours over the sunroof and down the windows.  And then it ends with that whoosh of air, drying off the car.

I don’t need to have company in the car wash – I’m content just going through all by myself.  And I laugh out loud every single time!

My mom and my husband both think my love of car washes is really strange.  But it is just one of my favorite simple pleasures.  Who can be in a bad mood in a car wash!?

What is your strange simple pleasure?

6 thoughts on “My strange love…

    • Ooh! That’s a good one; I really like escalators too. But they are getting pretty uncommon – the closest place I know that have them are a mall a hour away and the SeaTac airport. When we were growing up, my friend trained a guide dog puppy who was terrified of escalators. It was the saddest sight seeing her try to get that puppy on it!

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