Oliver’s Terror

I am hiding under the bed right now – that’s the safest place.  I’ve been under here since late last night – when the apocalypse began.  My mom tried to get me to come out for breakfast – she shook the bag of food and I finally came downstairs.  But then I saw the windows…  I am too smart for them.  I hid under a chair until I could make a break for safety – back under the bed.

A couple hours later my mom came upstairs and dragged me out from under the bed.  She said she wanted to make sure I wasn’t sick.  I’m not.  I’m the only sane one around here apparently.  She saw my fear whenever I looked towards the windows.  I buried my head in her elbow until I could get away.  I don’t want to see such death and mayhem.  My dad went outside right before that.  I heard the door open and close.  He’s going to die.  I know it.  He’s not coming back.  EVER.

Oscar and Coraline are idiots.  Oblivious.  Just sitting there in their beds, lounging and sleeping, waiting for the end to come.  They don’t even know that it is near.  They will certainly die too.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but I hear the sounds of something rolling off the roof and hitting the deck.  It is terrifying.  It is probably hand grenades.  Or bodies.  Yes, it is probably bodies.  I don’t know how they got up there, but I am certainly not going to leave my hiding place to find out.  Best to wait it out and see who is still alive at the end.

I am in more danger now that mom removed the box in front of me. I don’t know why she is taking my photo during such a dangerous time…

I am in more danger now that mom removed the box in front of me. I don’t know why she is taking my photo during such a dangerous time…

My name is Oliver, and I am afraid of…


Snow Day February 2014

Snow Day February 2014


13 thoughts on “Oliver’s Terror

    • I dragged him out again after dinner yesterday and he stayed out, but wasn’t comfortable enough to sit with me. He hid under the dining room table instead. He hid again overnight when a couple more branches came crashing down from the neighbor’s tree. He’s out today and doing ok – the snow has turned to rain and most of the branches are done crashing. This storm really did a number on a lot of trees. Sadly, I don’t have any treats! The cat I lost last spring was allergic to protein, so we never had any treats in the house!

      • Well, you might offer him a bit of cheese and see if he’s interested. My cats love it!
        We used to have a big cat who was terrified of thunder and lightning. And fireworks, which a nearby university used to set off every Fall…. But I never had one who was scared of snow.

      • He doesn’t like cheese – we have tried that before. Tuna water is really his favorite, but he came out before I got to that point. Oliver hates fireworks too, but he is getting better about those. Our city has now banned all fireworks – this will be the first year of the ban, so we will see if there are fewer booms. He always hides during the City sponsored show, but generally comes out shortly after they stop. They all have their things! He is also terrified of balloons… I have no words for that one!

    • Oliver is doing much better today – he is sitting here with me now. It started raining last night and rained all day. The snow is mostly off the roads – but there is a very thick slush still on the sidewalks – tough to walk in!

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