Today was one of those days…  I woke up tired.  Which isn’t that unusual lately, because work has been crushingly busy, but today was I experienced that kind of mind numbing exhaustion that is hard to shake.

It took more effort than usual to get up and going.  Once I did, things were looking up.  Or so I thought…  I went to the restroom at work and realized I had completely forgotten to put on makeup.  Now, I don’t wear much makeup, so maybe it wasn’t that noticeable to everybody else, but I noticed.  I guess the bright side is that I didn’t put makeup on only one eye…

All morning, my brain was in a fog.  I sent emails without the attachments.  I called someone and then forgot why I was calling.  I got halfway to the printer and had forgotten why I had gotten up.  At one point, one of my employees came in and starting asking a question, then stopped when she realized I was just staring blankly at her.  I was so engrossed in whatever I was pondering that it was hard to switch gears (usually I’m pretty good at that).

I printed out a list I needed for an errand I had to run at lunch – then headed out and walked 6 blocks to the store and realized I had forgotten the list.  I had to walk all the way back to get it!  At least I doubled my lunchtime exercise!

The afternoon was much better – my brain started firing on all cylinders and I got some productive work done!

Have you had a day like this?  I’m heading to bed so tomorrow will be better!


9 thoughts on “Braindead…

  1. I’ve felt like that when I didn’t get enough sleep, or if I miss my one cup of coffee in the morning. It’s rough.

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