Leaf Raking 2013: An Exercise in Futility

I live in the woods.  Despite living only a mile from the downtown core, our yard is very wooded and we are right near one of our city’s largest parks, a natural arboretum.  So Sunday, I decided that rather than taking a walk, I would get my daily exercise in the yard.  Raking up the gazillions of leaves that have fallen in the last week.

I started with the deck.  I swept all of the leaves into a pile, and then pitched the pile over the railing down to the yard below.  That was the easy part.

First I swept all the leaves to the edge of the deck

First I swept all the leaves to the edge of the deck

Once I had the deck cleaned off, I went down into the yard to continue.  When I began there was barely any green grass (or more accurately, green moss) peeking through.

The yard - before I started

The yard – before I started

I started raking the leaves downhill toward the corner of the yard.  It didn’t take too long before I was hot.  So I took off my fleece.  That helped for a little while, but then I needed some iced tea.

It took awhile before I felt like I was making progress, but eventually I could see some bare grass (or moss).  By this time my arms were on fire!

Making Some Progress

Making Some Progress

Soon the pile of leaves was so big that I was up to my knees in leaves, and sometimes higher!  In fact, I discovered that it was often easier to just wade through the leaves and kick them towards their destination.  If not for the leaves, I might have been mistaken for one of Hitler’s high stepping soldiers.  OK, maybe not…

Almost Done!  My arms are on fire!

Getting Close! My arms are on fire!

Finally, exhausted, I finished my work.  What a feeling of success!



I went inside to get cleaned up and start dinner.  The wind was picking up while I was cooking, so I took a peek outside after dinner.  The deck was covered in leaves!  I didn’t have the heart to look into the yard…  SIGH…

The Deck - 2 Hours Later...

The Deck – 2 Hours Later…


14 thoughts on “Leaf Raking 2013: An Exercise in Futility

  1. I completely agree – leaf raking is an exercise in futility – but if you do it not all by yourself, it is also fun!

  2. That is one of the reasons I can put up with the crazy heat of Arizona…no leaves to rake! And no snow to shovel. Great photos, though. 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes, I have always wondered if I’ll still want to be here at retirement. Someplace a bit warmer sounds nice… With no leaves! With last night’s windstorm I think there will be only one more raking session for the season. A lot of leaves came down in the last 18 hours!

  3. I always wait till I am sure they have all fallen down then I reluctantly rake them up. The anel lady next door who rakes 5 times hates me. I just have a glass of wine and watch her rake the leaves that blow from my yard to hers. smile life is too short to worry.

    • I don’t really mind raking them all up – and I had a glass of wine when I finished! I have considered waiting until they all fall, but I think that it would be too overwhelming to do ALL the leaves in one batch! Sadly, all the trees and shrubs in our yard mean they will never blow away to someone else’s! Cheers!

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