Leavenworth – by Way of Seattle

Back in July (really, was it that long ago?) Jon and I took a long weekend to go visit Leavenworth.  That’s the Leavenworth in Washington, not the Leavenworth in Kansas, even though you may be surprised by that, given my fascination with prisons!  Jon’s family had rented a cabin on the river to have a little family getaway, and Jon’s friend Pablo was coming to visit from California, so we took an extra day off on Friday to do a bit of touristing in Seattle.

We had lunch at Coastal Kitchen, which is a restaurant about a mile away from Jon’s sister’s house, so we walked up there on a beautiful sunny day for a relaxing lunch.  Coastal Kitchen specializes in seafood and oysters, featuring an oyster bar and a rotating featured region.  The menu contains items from the featured region, often changed-up with some foodie flair – when we were there it was Veracruz, Mexico.

Coastal Kitchen - Capital Hill, Seattle

Coastal Kitchen – Capital Hill, Seattle

I pondered the menu and was intrigued by the Garnachas de Masa, described on the menu as “a Veracruz street-food classic gone Coastal.  Crispy sweet potato and masa shells on a bed of bandito black beans sporting a booty of chorizo and chopped oysters. With sidekicks queso fresco and lime crema.”  I ordered it, even though I had no idea what it would be like.

Coastal Kitchen's Garnachas de Masa - Delicious!

Coastal Kitchen’s Garnachas de Masa – Delicious!

I was so pleasantly surprised!  This meal was awesome!  It burst with flavor with every bite – and each bite was different with the crunchy sweet potato masa and the toppings of chorizo and small bits of oysters.  The lime crema was fantastic!

Jon played it safe with a Cobb salad – he said it was very good, but it couldn’t have been anywhere near as good as mine!

Coastal Kitchen's Cobb Salad

Coastal Kitchen’s Cobb Salad

I will certainly check out Coastal Kitchen again – and if you want to check it out, they are still currently featuring Veracruz.


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