Bye Bye Summer! See You Next Year!

The rain and wind have moved in this week, making it abundantly clear that summer is over.  Although it may clear up for a sunny, dry fall, I am reminded about how fleeting summer is and all the things I will miss.  In no particular order:

Being warm.  You know, that warmth that just radiates all the way down into your bones?  I love that feeling.

Fresh berries.  Raspberries are one of our largest agricultural crops here.  There is even a raspberry festival.  I love those freshly picked berries – even better when they are warmed by the sun!

Skirts.  I go several months at work in the summer months without ever wearing pants – I love skirts!

Hiking.  No mud, great blue skies and clear views; there is nothing quite like hiking in the summer.

Jon Heading Up Into the Arboretum

Jon Heading Up Into the Arboretum

Dinner on the deck.  With food grilled on the BBQ.  Perfection.

Waking up when it is light out.  That makes it so much easier!

Summer vacations.  Even if I don’t have a summer vacation, everybody else does!  And that means work is quieter, because people aren’t around.  But for some reason this year the summer was insanely busy.  Maybe next year.

The View Behind our Hotel in Pendleton, Oregon

The View Behind our Hotel in Pendleton, Oregon

Rosé wine.  I do buck the trend and drink Rosé all year long, but is certainly goes better with summer.  And dinner on the deck.

The Crusher - Pinot Noir Rose

The Crusher – Pinot Noir Rose

Lower bills.  I have to admit I do love the lower costs of gas and electric when the heat is off and the lights aren’t needed.  I know this isn’t true for all, but in a region where air conditioning is rare and almost always not needed, that $19 August gas bill is wonderful.

Flowers.  I love walking the neighborhoods and seeing all the beautiful flowers blooming in yard.  Dahlias, hydrangeas, lilies, Black-eyed Susans; there is something about seeing flowers that soothes the soul.

What are you going to miss now that summer is gone?

11 thoughts on “Bye Bye Summer! See You Next Year!

  1. Actually, here on the surface of the sun, I’m super excited that summer is over. Now we can eat on the deck, enjoy the outdoors and see our utility bills plummet. I will feel bad when I’m enjoying a lovely hike, while others are shoveling snow. But just a little bit. 🙂

  2. We use the barbecue all year long and finally have a covered patio to spend time on, but you are very right about the bone-deep warmth that will be missing for several months now. Do you have a fireplace? I am looking forward to studying in front of mine.

    • Our old house had a covered patio and I loved that, but our new one doesn’t – although the deck is amazing. We do have a fireplace – I love snuggling in front of it with a good book and a cup of tea! Or a glass of wine!

  3. Saying goodbye to summer feels easier to me now that I am back in the Midwest. The last couple of years in the Pacific Northwest, I remember every time it clouded up and rained, we would wonder if the rain would stop again before July. Inevitably at some point it wouldn’t. I will miss warm summer nights around a campfire, listening to the insects and frogs, roasting marshmallows and looking up at the stars. I will miss fresh-picked fruit and sunny afternoons at the ballpark. But there’s a lot to look forward to in Fall as well. I hope you get to take a sun break sometime this fall/winter and remember to take your vitamin D!

    • That’s exactly how I feel! Although we did have a beautiful sunny, dry summer this year (the mosquitoes were terrible though)! I have heard the winter is supposed to cold and snowy – I’m not ready for it yet. I want more warm summer nights…

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