A Sweet Heat – Who Doesn’t Love a Hot Beer!

Jon has been on a bit of a beer kick lately.  I think it’s the summer heat, and he’s been wanting a cold drink in the evenings after work.  As a result, we have been trying some new micro-brews that he has found in the grocery store.

Last night, we popped open a beer that we found by the Burnside Brewing Company in Portland, Oregon. Burnside was founded in 2010, and is focused on making food friendly beers that do something different.  They want to make some calculated risks and this beer is one of those.  When we bought it, based on the description, we figured we would really love it, or really not…

The beer was called Sweet Heat.  It is a wheat ale with apricot puree added, and Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Hot Peppers dry hopped into it.  I’m not much for spicy food (or beer, so I thought…), but this one is really good!  The sweetness of the apricots are tempered by the slight kick of the peppers; just enough so you know they are there, but not enough to make you regret taking that swig.  Just a gentle heat on the back of your tongue and throat, that slowly spreads to the roof of your mouth.

I would certainly buy myself some Sweet Heat again!


4 thoughts on “A Sweet Heat – Who Doesn’t Love a Hot Beer!

  1. The amount of “creative” beer coming from every little corner of the world is simply stunning… The one you are describing sounds delicious – I will see if I can find it here in CT.

      • I have had a lot of beers that way – but I am allergic to the nightshade fruits, so have to pass on the heated ones. Have decided to try many more than once after – sometimes with a meal if it wasn’t quite what I thought it should be the first time around… much like wine. 🙂

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