Hey! It Tastes Just Like Blackberries

For the last week, I’ve been nursing a bottle of wine.  I had to work late several days this week, so by the time I got home each night I was exhausted.  I only had the time and the energy for one glass of wine before collapsing into bed.  Jon was working the late shift all week, so he wasn’t around to help me split a bottle.

I had a bottle of Blackberry Wine from Pasek Cellars that had been hanging around for awhile.  Pasek Cellars began in 1995, with its first tasting room opening in 1997 in Mount Vernon, Washington.  They grew steadily through the last several years, expanding to a total production of more than 15,000 cases.  Pasek produces mostly fruit wines, although they do have a Chardonnay, Syrah, Viognier and a Muscat Canelli too.  Cranberry Wine is their top seller, but they also make Blueberry, Loganberry, Raspberry, Pineapple, Passionfruit and an Arabica Coffee Wine.

Pasek Cellars Blackberry Wine

Pasek Cellars Blackberry Wine

Jon and I had picked up our bottle of Blackberry Wine when we visited the tasting room.  We liked all of their wines, but many of them are very sweet and not really our style.  We purchased the Blackberry Wine that day partly because it wasn’t as sweet as the others.  On Monday night, I popped it open.  It is produced from 100% Oregon Blackberries.  This wine is a sweet wine, bordering on dessert wine, but it isn’t overpoweringly sweet.  I was quite pleased with it.  And the nice thing about this wine is its staying power.  I nursed this bottle all week, and six days later it is still delicious!

Pasek Cellars produces about 3000 cases annually of the Blackberry Wine, and pretty good distribution in Washington and Oregon, plus some limited distribution in some other states.  If you like a sweeter wine, and can find this one, be sure to try it out!


3 thoughts on “Hey! It Tastes Just Like Blackberries

  1. We tried their wine a fews years ago when we took the Xmas train to Leavenworth. We bought a few bottles to bring home. I’m glad Fred Meyers carries some of there flavors.

    • Yes, I know they have a second tasting room in Leavenworth, but I haven’t been to it. I didn’t know Fred Meyer stocked some of their wines – I will have to look next time I’m there.

  2. They make a lot of fruit wines in NC. It is not something I would drink everyday, buy occasionally a drier fruit wine can be really good, especially when poured over a fruit cobbler or ice cream.

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