California Road Trip – Sea Lions and Ginger Ale

After we left the Battery Point Lighthouse, we headed down to see some Sea Lions.  We turned down Anchor Way in Crescent City, as recommended by the guide, and headed down the street a little ways to a dock right off the parking lot.  This tip was fantastic!  The Sea Lions were on a dock right next to the parking lot.  If you wanted, you could have walked right up and pet them!  That would be a really stupid move, but that’s how close they were!

These California Sea Lions Hang Out on a Dock Right Off the Parking Lot!

These California Sea Lions Hang Out on a Dock Right Off the Parking Lot!

California Sea Lions are mammals that are found all up and down the West Coast, but it seemed like they are much more common in California.  I don’t remember ever having seen a Sea Lion in Washington, although I have seen Harbor Seals.  I know they can be a nuisance animal, and I’m sure the folks in Crescent City think so, but I enjoyed them.

This Sea Lion is Checking Me Out Too!

This Sea Lion is Checking Me Out Too!

Then we continued down the road, stopping along the way to enjoy some of the scenic pullouts, and going to the Trees of Mystery – it is a tourist attraction where for $15 per person you can do a tour of the Redwood trees in a gondola.  We opted not to.  But I did get photos of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, who stand out front greeting visitors.  In the summer months, apparently Paul talks to people – I guess there is a way to get inside and look down at the tourists.  But in March, no one greeted us.

Paul Bunyon, Babe the Blue Ox, and Me

Paul Bunyon, Babe the Blue Ox, and Me

Our next stop was the Klamath River Overlook – you drive way up a long winding road to an overlook that looks out over the ocean and the mouth of the Klamath River.  It is beautiful and would be a great place to sit and have lunch or go for a hike.  It is also supposed to be a great vantage point for the migrating grey whales.  We didn’t see any though.  We didn’t hang out for too long – just saw the view and continued on our way.

Then we took a detour off Highway 101 to the Newton B. Drury Scenic Highway.  This stretch of road is only 10 miles long, and has several scenic turnouts where you can walk among the Redwoods.  We stopped at the Big Tree Wayside and took a walk in the grove.

It was still drizzling, so we didn’t go for a long hike, but we did visit the Big Tree.  21.6 feet in diameter and 68 feet in circumference, the Big Tree is over 300 feet tall, and approximately 1500 years old (just so you know it is not the largest tree in the world – I think it is fourth largest).  Apparently, there was a landowner in the late 1800s who wanted to cut down the Big Tree for a dance floor.  And he didn’t intend to mill the wood and build a dance floor; he was going to just have people dance on the stump!  I’m glad he didn’t go through with it!  Of course we had to pose like ants in the forest, to show just how massive the trees are.

Me Sizing Up the Big Tree

Me Sizing Up the Big Tree

Jon Walking Among the Redwoods.  Can You See Him Down There!?

Jon Walking Among the Redwoods. Can You See Him Down There!?

After the Newton B. Drury Scenic Highway, we continued down Highway 101 towards Eureka.  About a half hour outside of Eureka, I started to feel really queasy.  I made Jon pull over at one point because I thought I was getting carsick from all the curves in the road.  In hindsight, I wish!  When we got to the hotel, I was feeling really unsettled.  I got out of the car at the hotel to get checked in, and promptly threw up in their flower bed.  Not my best moment!  After we got checked in I continued vomiting for the rest of the night, and that’s when I realized I had the stomach flu that Jon had a couple of days before we left for the trip.  UGH!  Jon went out and explored Eureka a bit, and got some sickie essentials – Ginger Ale, crackers, bananas, while I laid in bed and tried to get some rest.  I rushed from the bed to the bathroom all evening.  Ahh… the best laid plans.  At least the day’s touristing was done.

5 thoughts on “California Road Trip – Sea Lions and Ginger Ale

  1. Oh no! Not a fun end to the day. We took the trip down the 101 and through the redwoods maybe two years ago now. Probably some of the coolest scenery I have ever seen. Feels like driving/hiking through a fairy tale.

    • It was not a great end! I haven’t thrown up that much since my 21st birthday! 🙂 And I agree, the scenery is amazing. There is never enough time to see it all, but this area is certainly one that I will have to get back to.

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