California Dreamin’… of the Anderson Valley

Anyone who knows me knows that I work to live – not the other way around.  And a big part of my sanity is based on always having a trip in the works.  Jon and I haven’t been anywhere since September, so at this point my sanity is seriously in question!  Fortunately, we are in the planning phases for a California road trip!  Why California?  And why a road trip?

Well, originally, I wanted our next vacation to be to Virginia.  I love the history of the South East, and of course the Civil War historical sites!  Jon had such a great time on our Grand Tour to Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina last summer that he had readily agreed to the trip.  We were researching places to visit and airfares, but something kept nagging at my heart.  She’s about 7 pounds… furry with a shaved spot on her belly, and that little something called lymphoma.  I had talked to my mom and she was willing and able to cat-sit and do Tini’s meds for the 10 days we would be gone.  But I kept feeling anxious – what if something happened to Tini while I was away?  What if she went downhill?

So Jon and I talked about doing a California road trip instead.  That way, if Tini’s condition worsens, I can be home in a day, and we will only potentially be out a night’s hotel stay.  And we won’t have to worry about trying to change flights in a frantic attempt to get home.  Instead, we would just have to drive.  And I know that you can make it from Bakersfield in 25 hours, with a 5th wheel trailer in tow.  I know that because that where my parents were when my friend called them from the hospital to tell them I was going into surgery to have my appendix removed!  And we aren’t going as far as Bakersfield.

We are planning on doing a day at the wineries of the Anderson Valley.  I’ve been perusing the web, Chowhound and some blogs, to try to get recommendations on Anderson Valley wineries.  But I thought I would put it out there to my wine peeps.  I’ve narrowed down the list some, and I think that these are the ones we might want to visit.  But in a day, we can only visit four or five, so which are your suggestions?  Anybody have any experience with the Anderson Valley wineries on the list below, or ones that we should consider that I’ve missed?  Thanks!

Breggo Cellars

Elke Vineyards

Drew Wines

Handley Cellars

Roederer Estate

Toulouse Vineyards

Navarro Vineyards

Scharffenberger Cellars

Goldeneye Winery

5 thoughts on “California Dreamin’… of the Anderson Valley

  1. I never visited Anderson Valley, so I can’t suggest too much. From your list above, I know Scharffenberger and Roederer, and I personally would love to visit both of those. There also an American Winery Guide web site, which lists very little in terms of particular wineries, but has links to some other blogs which you might find interesting:
    Have fun and looking forward reading about your discoveries!

    • Thanks for the tip on the guide – I’ll be sure to check it out! I’m not sure I can talk my husband into two sparkling wine specialists, so if you had to pick one of the two, would it be Scharffenberger or Roederer?

      • I would pick Roederer first. But Schraffenberger is also interesting if you can convice him to do both : )

  2. sniff sniff, now I really know I like you, anyone who plans their vacation with their sick kitty in mind is definitely tops on my list 🙂
    I think that is some beautiful parts of CA. I am very partial to North/Central CA having grown up there. Can’t wait to hear of your adventures there.

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