I have to admit, I have been a bit obsessed with owls lately.  I don’t know why, but it all started with the owl pillow.  My sister in law has a pillow, in the shape of an owl.  She named it Hootie.  Last time we were over at their house,  I fell in love with it.  I coveted it.  And I hate to have to admit it, but in a weakened emotional state fueled by one too many glasses of wine, I threatened to owl-nap it.  I didn’t (but I did cuddle with it that night).  Sadly, I don’t have a photo of Hootie, and I can’t find Hootie online, and I’m sure my sister in law would refuse to email me a picture, lest I lose control and threaten to owl-nap it again.

But luckily, Jon took me to Molbak’s a few Sundays ago to go Christmas ornament shopping.  If you live in the greater Seattle area and haven’t been to Molbak’s, you are missing out on an experience.  It is a nursery, but they stock gazillions of Christmas ornaments in the fall.  Every ornament you could ever imagine.  Including owls.  Lots of owls.

Admittedly, owls are popular lately, with all sorts of owl fabrics, owls on dishware, owl piggybanks (yes I got one of those too!), and other owl decor.  But the ornaments!  I was in heaven, walking around looking at all the ornaments!  But I was strong, and in the end, I didn’t buy them all.  But I did buy some.  And a sock monkey ornament and a felted penguin too (what can I say, I’m weak…).

So, if you love owls too, enjoy.

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