2011 J. Albin Lorelle Pinot Noir

When Jon and I were down in Seattle in October for the Calexico concert and the King Tut exhibit, we walked down to Pike Place Market one afternoon.  While we were there, we stopped in for a minute at the Pike and Western Wine Shop, which is just to the north of the market.  It advertises itself as having a local focus (Oregon and Washington wines), but it also has various wines from around the world.

A bottle of J. Albin Pinot Noir piqued my interest. We tried a few J. Albin wines a couple of years back at a Memorial Day weekend wine tasting at Carlton Cellars (you can read that post here), and I was pleased with the wines.  So the fact that this one had a very reasonable price tag ($14 for an Oregon Pinot Noir) made me pick up the bottle and bring it home.  Jon and I opened it up the other night.

The wine has flavors of strawberry, cherry and a light spice.  Not a lot of structure, and I don’t think it will age (Pinots don’t age all that long anyway…), but it is very drinkable.  It is grown in the Laurel Vineyard, which is one of the older vineyards in the Willamette Valley, on young vines.  I think this a wine that could certainly improve as the vines mature.  This will be one to watch for!


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