Have I Mentioned I Hate Not Knowing?

Martini had her ultrasound today.  I took her in at 10 and they took us right in to get down to work.  Martini got an exam, and they took her blood pressure (that was in the normal range – at 118).  Dr. Day explained the procedure (we’ve been through this before, so he really didn’t need to, but it was nice to have him go over everything), and then they took her back to have her belly shaved and her ultrasound done.  I came back 2 hours later and talked to Dr. Day about the results.

The good news – many of her organs look good.  Kidneys, liver, pancreas, carotid artery, all look relatively normal.  Her stomach has a bit of something odd, but her stomach was where she was having a lot of issues three years, ago, so it could just be residual scarring or sediment.  He took a sample with a small needle to see what he could find.

The bad news – Martini has one lymph node that is more than twice the size it should be.  Hers is 8.8 mm and it should be about 3-3.3 mm.  And then the small intestine has some thickening in the muscle layer and some areas that should be visible on ultrasound and are not on hers.  The small intestine is too small to sample from, because there is a high risk of puncturing the intestine and releasing some nasty bacteria into her abdominal cavity.  Instead he took samples from the lymph node, because whatever has gone awry in the small intestine will be draining cells into that lymph node.

He couldn’t say if it is or isn’t without testing the samples, but it could be intestinal lymphoma.  Cancer.  There are chemotherapy options, and Dr. Day told me that because they attempt to treat the disease rather than cure it, there are generally not as many side effects when treating cats with chemotherapy.

He was going to look at the samples this afternoon and get the results over to my vet, but I didn’t hear from my vet today (after confirming with the tech that he would call).  I’ll have to call in the morning.  Meanwhile, Martini got to come home, and she ate a little lunch, and was very wobbly for awhile.  She could only drunk-walk a few steps without falling over.  After she woke up all the way, she got some dinner.  Which she puked up all over the stairs two hours later.

She Couldn’t Barely Walk, But She Didn’t That Small Detail Get In the Way of Lunch (the vet said is was ok to feed her!)

I’m trying not to think about the scenarios, but I imagine I won’t sleep well tonight…

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