Waiting for the Results to Come In…

It’s election night, but that isn’t really what’s on my mind.  Well, it is, but not first and foremost.  Nope, I’m waiting for results on the blood work my kitty had today.

Yesterday morning I was awakened by the sound of water.  And then the shocking realization that there was no water running in the house.  I looked around and saw Martini having an accident on the shirt I had left on the floor when I went to bed the night before.  Well, at least she peed on the shirt and not on the carpet.  So I called the vet as soon as they opened and had Jon drop her off so she could donate a urine sample.  Several hours later, she got to come home.  Unfortunately, the results of the urinalysis didn’t come in until this morning, but they confirmed what I suspected – a bacterial urinary tract infection.  So I went home at lunchtime to scoop her up and take her back down for an antibiotic injection.

Martini on Sunday Morning – Before She Got Sick

When I got home to get her, she looked much more lethargic, and had puked all over the carpet, so she bought herself another afternoon at the vet.  She got some subcutaneous fluids, blood work, and an x-ray.  The vet feels that she has some enlarged lymph nodes, and some thickening of the intestines visible on the x-ray.  With her food allergies, that could easily explain those findings.  But the fact that she has lost a lot of weight recently, and her two bouts lately of kidney/bladder infection has the vet concerned about lymphoma.

Tomorrow I’ll make an appointment with the vet across town who specializes in animal ultrasounds.  The same vet who diagnosed Martini’s protein allergy three years ago.  Hopefully, this ultrasound will rule out cancer, and tell us that we are still only battling the already known evil.  But for that, we have to wait…

Meanwhile, she is much perkier after her fluids, and isn’t continuing to vomit.  She even got some wet food for dinner (low allergen of course)!  And she just got all excited that Jon just came home!  So, at least she’s feeling better, no matter what is on the horizon.

And just in case I ever forget why I do all this for my animals, when the vet brought Martini out to me after we had talked about the treatment plan, she told me that Martini must have heard my voice from the other room, because after moping around all day she got up, came to the front of the cage and starting meowing.  That much is certain… she does love me.


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