2006 Carter Vineyard Hillblock Pinot Noir

So, usually you hear about the winery being the star of the show.  Tonight’s wine turned that all on it’s head.  Tonight I’m drinking the 2006 Carter Vineyard Hillblock Pinot Noir.  Yes, that’s right, this wine is named for its vineyard.  This vineyard was planted in 1983 (long before I ever learned to like wine) and the wine is produced by Ken Wright.  Ken Wright also makes a Carter Vineyard Pinot Noir under the Ken Wright label.

This Pinot has a nose of earth, black cherry, raspberry and smoke, and it has a silky texture and a tart acidity.  It tastes of subtle raspberry, spice and smoke.  The new French oak that this wine was aged in provides a nice balance to the tannins.  2006 was a year for big, bold Pinots and this wine is no exception. I suppose my only critique would be that it is a bit short on the finish.

Jon opened it on a whim and it paired nicely with my frozen pepperoni and veggie pizza (in case you were thinking I was a wine snob, I think I just gave myself away!).  Tomorrow perhaps I’ll have my other glass with something more sophisticated – macaroni and cheese with cut up hotdogs maybe!  Ha!

All kidding aside – excellent vineyard, excellent winemaker, excellent wine.  Really, you can’t go wrong with Ken Wright produced wines, and I believe Carter Vineyard also supplies grapes to Domaine Serene, another standout wine producer.  Makes me wish we had more…

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