Apple Pucker!

Time for the next installment of our September Michigan trip!

We arrived at my grandma’s house on Sunday after the wedding for a visit with the other side of the family.  My mom’s side is MUCH smaller than my dad’s side (there are 15 cousins – not counting their kids – on my dad’s side, and only 4 on my mom’s), so I get more of an opportunity to visit with my family at grandma’s.

My aunt was kind enough to give Jon and I a gift of a Michigan white wine when we arrived, the Gill’s Pier Whitewater Leelanau Peninsula White Table Wine (no vintage).  Grandma owns no wine glasses, so this review comes after drinking the wine from a melamine juice glass – still one step up form the throw-away plastic water glasses in the hotel!  It was hard to get a nose – I blame the melamine, but there is a faint aroma of green apples and pears.

The Gill’s Pier Whitewater Leelanau Peninsula White Table Wine that we had is the bottle on the right

The taste is unmistakable – Granny Smith apples!  The sweetness and tartness intermingled on my tongue and I really enjoyed the sour apple flavor.  Much like a green apple Jolly Rancher, you can’t help but pucker your mouth when you try this wine!  Now, those of you who aren’t a fan of sour apple aren’t going to like this wine, but wow, what a treat!  Don’t tell Grandma – I went back for a second glass!

2 thoughts on “Apple Pucker!

    • It was different than cider, because you couldn’t really taste the kick that hard cider has. And much more tart than the apple hard ciders that I have had. Yummy! I like the unique labels too.

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