In twelve hours I will be completing the first bit of a half marathon; a fundraiser that benefits Girls on the Run.  I signed up with four of my dearest friends, and then tonight at the pre-race dinner I learned that two ladies that I used to work with (two of the most fun, kind and supportive coworkers you could ask for ) are also doing the race.

I have all the usual problems…  Work is too stressful and I have way too much to do.  There’s never enough cash in the bank account to do everything I would like.  Jon and I argue and both get frustrated that the other is so damn stubborn.  All my animals are getting old and the vet bills are getting bigger (see above reference to the bank account!).  I would love to lose 10 pounds.  Those walls won’t paint themselves.  And wow, is it ever annoying when the smoke detector in the laundry room starts chirping every 5 seconds because the battery is dying – at 1:15 in the morning!  I didn’t even know that there was a smoke detector in the laundry room until last night, but that’s a topic for another post.

Tonight, at the fundraiser dinner, there were little paper circles at each place setting with responses from participants in the Girls on the Run program.  Girls that come from all races, backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses.  Girls who are in the program to have an experience that encourages them to value themselves.  Their bodies, their minds, and their hearts.  Whatever their fitness level, to learn that they can achieve.  The question posed on the card was, “What Inspires You?”  The response written on the card in front of me was,  “Merissa.”  (Merissa is her Girls on the Run coach.)  And then below, “To Not Be Like Erin (my mother).  I am ashamed of her.”

It brought tears to my eyes.  Because whatever trials I have, whatever frustrations, whatever makes me mad during the workday or at home, I am truly blessed.  I have parents who love me unconditionally and set a great example, who believe I can be whatever I want to be.  I have a husband who loves me, and is smart and funny and would do anything for the people he loves.  I have friends who take time out of their busy days to listen and support me, and laugh with me.  And push me to do my third half marathon!  I have extended family who love each other immensely.  I have pets who love me so much that they sit on my arms while I try to type this blog post (currently Martini)!  Whatever trials I have, they cannot compare to what that little girl must go through.

So, tomorrow… whoever that little girl is… tomorrow I run for her.

7 thoughts on “Blessed…

  1. Beautiful. The note at your table made me teary-eyed, too. Thanks for the reminder to count blessings daily. Hope your run goes well and that you have a wonderful celebratory dinner (prepared by someone else for you) tonight! Cheers.

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