It Could Be Martinelli’s!

Now, with all my recent posts about my recent Southern vacation, some of you may be under the impression that I haven’t been drinking wine lately.  And while I must say I have neglected my responsibility on the wine post front, it hasn’t been because I have all of a sudden become a teetotaler.  I’ve been concentrating on trying to get through the vacation posts, well, because they are fun!  There are only hours in the day, I don’t get to dedicate most of them to blogging.

Tonight I went for a walk with friends after work, and then came home and opened a bottle of Saracco 2010 Moscato D’Asti.  We bought this bottle about 6 months ago at an Italian wine tasting at our local wine shop, Purple Smiles.  I knew I must have liked it, because I came home with a bottle, but I couldn’t remember anything else!

Saracco 2010 Moscato D’Asti – (This Photo is a 2009 but Mine was a 2010)

This wine is a sparkling wine, and it is a sweet sparkler.  Upon tasting it, it was a brand new wine to me.  I didn’t remember having tasted it before.  But actually, that’s not true – I have tasted this exact same taste before… but not as a wine.  This wine tastes exactly like the Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider!  I love Martinelli’s so that isn’t a problem – it’s Martinelli’s with alcohol!  However, although this wine is decent for what it is, don’t expect much structure or complexity from it.  It has a smooth drinking, sweet apple taste that is very fruit forward, with no acidity.  The sparkle on this one is more like the fizz than other sparkling wines I have had.  If you have one of these wines, drink it young, because it isn’t going to age…  Sometimes a sparkling cider is just an alcoholic one!


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