Martha Stewart I A’int!

Last night I hosted a Bachelorette Party for my darling friend Katie.  It was a bit last minute, because last weekend I realized that she isn’t having any attendants at her wedding, and her family is out of town, and maybe I ought to throw something together because it didn’t look like anyone else is going to.

What you need to know about me is that party planning is not my forte.  I have a number of strengths, mind you.  I can go head to head with labor unions and deal with a contentious negotiation.  I can analyze compensation and make a recommendation to the Board on whether your pay plan is going to hinder your effort to recruit the candidates you want to hire.  I can pick a Riesling from a Chardonnay and a Gewürztraminer during a blind wine tasting.  I can pronounce (and spell) Gewürztraminer!  I even have some fair photography skills (which I will be using at the wedding next weekend!)  But when it comes to domestic diva stuff, I’m out of my element.

I’m much more likely to decorate my home based on whether I like something or think it is cool, than consider whether it matches.  I have four different kinds of dinnerware, and none of them coordinate!  I’m not a great cook, and I envy people who can throw together an entire Thanksgiving meal effortlessly, and it all tastes delicious and comes out at the same time.  Until I’ve made something 400 times, I still have to follow the recipe.  And don’t get me started on crafting.  I have a friend who has a craft closet, with neatly labeled rows of boxes containing papers, embellishments, different kinds of scissors and 10,000 stamps.  That will never be me.  She has 3 young kids and a full-time job and still manages to send out handmade invitations – to book club!

So, there were no fancy handmade invitations for this Bachelorette.  There were no placecards, no cleverly handmade t-shirt for the bride, and no artful penis cake.  My coworker was appalled that I was not throwing together a signature drink…  Instead, there were fun ladies, lots of laughter, and a cut-throat game of croquet on the lawn.  I did come up with some games, and some prizes for the games, so you can’t say I’m totally incompetent!

Shelley is so Cute When She Plays Croquet!

Katie Plays Fast – It Was Hard to Catch Her on Film!

Somehow, I Won the Croquet Game! This is my Victory Lap.

Fortunately, my friends love me for who I am.  And we celebrated, and talked and enjoyed the evening, and no one thought twice about the fact that was no cupcake stand on my table, and no dessert in wedding colors…  Katie doesn’t care.  Because she ain’t Martha either…  As long as there is spanking wine (that is an inside joke!), we’re all good!

3 thoughts on “Martha Stewart I A’int!

  1. Forget Martha, she doesn’t have Spanking wine! I have to say this was one of the best Bachelorette parties I have been to as I have not laughed that hard in a long time. The croquet game was so much fun and it was great to learn more about Katie, which I think is the point of a Bachelorette party 🙂

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