The Vacation Horizon

There is nothing quite like an upcoming vacation to lift the spirits. Jon and I have not been out of town on a vacation for us since August, and it has been weighing heavily on our souls. Of course, we were incredibly busy for a period of time, selling and buying houses and moving, but now that things have settled down we have both been itching to get out of Dodge. So the stars finally aligned and Jon and I are getting away soon on a road trip. We booked hotels! It was incredible, this feeling of having days off on the books. We were practically giddy!

It does leave us with some work to do to decide what sights we want to see. We will want to do some wine tasting, but other than that, we haven’t decided. Of course, being winter in the Northwest, it will likely be raining during our trip, but we can’t let that stop our fun! The other certainty is that I will be taking a lot of photographs. When my computer crashed last summer, I lost a lot of my photos, and I’m eager to start replacing them! It’s kind of funny, because I love taking photographs, and I love sharing them with others and looking back on them later. But I’m as guilty as anyone of not always pulling my camera out as often as I should, I suppose for fear of looking too touristy. I have been roaming around with a small purse lately, but I think I’m going to switch back to a larger purse that I can easily fit my camera in.

So, today is itinerary planning day.  At least get some sort of idea of how far things are from each other, so we know what we might be able to fit into each day.  We will use that as a guide, but what is a vacation if you can’t deviate from the plan too?  Yippee!

And in absolutely, positively, unrelated news, we had a fabulous time entertaining my in-laws yesterday afternoon and our friends last night.  And when we were finally putting the house to bed close to midnight, we saw the most beautiful, HUGE, deer standing in our yard.  It was so healthy, with a gorgeous sleek coat!  The perfect end to a wonderful day.  It was too dark to get a picture out the window, but wow, how neat…

One thought on “The Vacation Horizon

  1. Yay a vacation! We are going on a super mini trip this Friday and Saturday am and I can’t believe how happy it is making me. Can’t wait to see photos. I switched to a small backpack so I could carry my camera. That deer sounds amazing.

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