Snow… or not… and Pinot!

It’s the three day weekend, and I was told there would be snow.  Apparently that promise meant everybody in the county would get snow, and even other parts of the city would get snow, but there would be 1/8 of an inch at my house. Not even enough to make a snowball!  If I’m going to hang around home on a three day weekend at least make it worth my while!

Jon was sweet enough to rent The Help from the Redbox.  It seems fitting to watch a movie with a civil rights theme on Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend.  I’m sure he wasn’t that into seeing it, because it is advertised as a chick flick, but I had commented about it before, and he remembered.  He even watched the whole thing!  We decided to open a nice bottle of Pinot, because we have been missing the Willamette Valley so much.  I picked a 2008 Winemaker’s Cuvee Pinot Noir from Panther Creek.  This is one that we picked up on sale at Safeway when we were down visiting my brother.  Safeway has a pretty good 30% off wine sale a couple times a year and if you buy 6 bottles, you get an extra 10% off. 


2008 Panther Creek Winemaker's Cuvee Pinot Noir

We had no idea whether it would be any good – but wow are we ever impressed.  This is a robust Pinot, with a darker black cherry color than many Pinots (a lot of them are more raspberry colored).  It has great structure and is a bold, earthy flavor mixed in with ripe berry and coffee.  It is solid enough to hold it’s own with a meal, or drink it alone.  You won’t be disappointed! 

We were close to Panther Creek before on a trip to the Willamette Valley, but ran out of time and weren’t able to visit.  I know that they make several single vineyard Pinots too, plus it is housed in a cool, historic brick building, so I’ll make sure we visit on our next trip down!  Especially since that was our only bottle…. Until next time!


2 thoughts on “Snow… or not… and Pinot!

  1. I wish the snow had stayed at 1/8 of an inch 🙂 actually it was fun the first two days when it wasn’t that cold but after the third day I am so done with snow. Especially when temperatures start dropping.

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