Garbage Day

Tomorrow is garbage and recycling day. Now, normally, I don’t get very excited about this day. To be honest, I think it is kind of a pain in the butt, dragging all my crap out to the curb. I think they should pay me in fact, to take away my valuable stuff! Yeah, I know you aren’t buying it.

So why am I so excited?!? Because I have a stack of cardboard boxes that is almost as tall as me in my garage, waiting to be hauled away! I have been slipping and tripping on it for a couple weeks now, as I try to get it out of my way. At times I’ve been close to killing myself, trying to crawl over the mountain of cardboard to get to something on the other side. Now unfortunately, the garbage company says I can only put out a 6 inch stack of cardboard pieces… I might try to push that a bit – would they really be able to tell if the stack were 8 inches high? Either way, my stack is too tall to get out the door in one week, but I’ll keep trying to get some order to my life! Let’s see, I’m 63 inches tall, so if I put out 8 inches per week, I would be done in 8 weeks! I’m only exaggerating a little….

In addition to the slip/fall hazard, I am also holding out hope that I will be able to park in my garage at some point soon. It’s November, after all, and it is cold out. And rainy. And it would be nice to have my little Honda all nestled into its warm garage spot at night. And I wouldn’t have to scrape any windows in the morning!

And if anybody needs boxes, please let me know. I am buried in them.

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