Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday….

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and Jon and I enjoyed a very quiet holiday by ourselves. It’s not that we didn’t want to hang out with the family, but we needed some time alone to recharge and work on the house. I did cook a turkey, made roasted red potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots, stuffing and cranberry sauce. Dessert was chocolate cupcakes with blue and white frosting leftover from the party at work that we had the day before. Who says you have to have pumpkin pie?

We are getting down to the random stuff to unpack, which is hard. There is a lot of pondering about where binder clips should go, and where are all the other misc pictures at? It is a time to consolidate and get things organized that weren’t in the last house. I did get two boxes of miscellaneous items unpacked and put away! But it all takes time and is messy in the meantime. And Jon has a hard time handling messy. He tries to be patient, but it is really just too much for him. So I just have to keep working. At least all the laundry has been washed, folded and mine is all put away! Jon is still just moving his basket of laundry around – so I’m one up on him there!

I just got a past due notice from the garbage company for the service at the new house. Our first date of service was November 17th, the bill was apparently due November 20th, and the past due notice was mailed the 21st. WHA??? We didn’t actually even receive a bill before getting a past due notice – they say that they sent it out in October, before I even lived there – yeah, that makes a lot of sense…. Gotta love those monopolies – they can do whatever the heck they want! Ain’t moving fun?

Jon and I took a little getaway to a community famous for its antique stores on Sunday. We just needed to get out of town and get away from the house for a little while…. We were poking around the shops with nightstands in mind, not too serious about getting anything, and found ourselves in a furniture shop that was having a 50% off everything sale. They had all sorts of gorgeous antique furniture, and at half off, the prices were even reasonable! We ended up getting a early 1900’s commode (no, that’s not a toilet, it’s actually more like a small dresser) and a late 1800s cabinet in the Victorian style (although it could be up to the 1920s). The shop owner kept saying it was a radio cabinet, but since radio wasn’t commercialized until the 1920s, if that was truly its original purpose, it would have to be a later piece. I think it’s more likely it isn’t a radio cabinet at all – it seems too small to be able to house an early radio. But that isn’t why I bought it at all, so the original purpose doesn’t matter to me. It is simply a beautiful piece – and it has storage! Maybe one day I’ll take it on Antiques Roadshow and find out! Sorry I can’t post any photos yet – I can’t find the upload cable for my camera. Moving –so frustrating!

But now the Thanksgiving holiday and its associated days off are over, and I had to go back to work. It is going to be so tough with no days off for almost a whole month! It is almost four full weeks until Christmas days off – I do get spoiled in November…. Of course, I still believe that they should stack more holidays in the summer months. Who really wants 3 different days off work in November when it’s freezing out? I would make better use of a four day weekend in August. Until next time –maybe I’ll be done unpacking by then….

2 thoughts on “Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday….

  1. YES we need more breaks in the summer. I agree! Those new pieces sound fun, what a great find. And don’t even get me started on the garbage co. Their CS and accounting skills leave a lot to be desired.

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