The Countdown.

The countdown is down to 15 days. That’s if our home closing date remains the same. After asking for a very long closing, because our buyer couldn’t possibly give less notice to her landlord, she is now asking to move closing up. Ummm hmmm. Yeah. Since we were locked into such a long closing with the sale of our house, we had to have the same, long closing with the new house we purchased. So, although we would love to move up the closing, and even questioned our buyer about it at the time we put her offer in, it is no longer up to us. Gotta love first time homebuyers! I can say that now, because I’m not one!

So for now I’m assuming 15 days, and trying to push to get everything packed and wrapped up prior. There really is no drawback to having everything done early. Jon has a fire lit under him now, and is fully on the “git ‘er done” bandwagon. We packed and cleaned quite a bit this last weekend, and after work for the last two nights. We need to still do some stuff in the garage, but the house is mostly done. I say that, but those misc. items go on forever! We’ve been moving boxes out to my parent’s pole barn as temporary storage, because I’m concerned that with both closings on the same day, it will be tough to get everything into one truck, and we won’t have the luxury of going back and forth between the new place and the old.

However, moving everything twice has its own set of issues, and my parents have been very generous about the thrift shop we’ve set up in their pole barn. Fortunately, they aren’t looking like they are close to trying to EBay my collectibles to pay for rent on the storage unit. YET…  At this point, I’m thinking I need to have at least one kid, so I have someone to sucker into cleaning out my house when I die. I haven’t been able to successfully talk my cats into taking on the chore, and there is that thing about them probably kicking over before I do. I wonder if there is another way… 

Maybe it seems evident, but I just need to point out again, this whole process sucks! These people who get really excited about moving, well, they can only be described as clinically insane. There should be a diagnosis in the American Medical Association’s Guide to Mental Illness for this. Fortunately, my sanity might be mostly restored in about three weeks. You have to give us a little time to unpack!


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