Inspections, Inspections, So Many Inspections!

We are working through the minor issues that the inspection revealed on our current home. We spent the weekend doing some work and hopefully will be able to wrap up all of our fixes within the next few days, at nominal expense. The stress of it all will hopefully go away then, and I can get my life back! Because we spent our weekend working on the house and really not having any time to ourselves. I can’t wait until this is all over.

On the home that we are buying, the required fix is a bit more extensive, so we don’t know yet what’s happening there… Our seller is still deciding whether she wants to try to tackle the repairs. She has a couple more days to respond.

I suppose I should look on the bright side. Since undertaking this home selling and buying project, I’ve learned more than I ever wanted to know about roof crickets, plumbing, how to install a deck, and current building codes. And I learned that I don’t ever want to do any of that work for a living. I like my cushy desk job. And I suppose I should quit complaining that they blast the air-conditioning and make my office too cold, because I could be spending my days under houses, in the middle of winter, or in the heat of summer. It bears mentioning that crawlspaces are NOT good for my asthma… or my claustrophobia.

Meanwhile, our wine shipment from Chehalem is due to arrive fairly soon. Can’t wait! That gives me something to look forward to, even if most of our time is spent dealing with homes and home fixes… Something about Chehalem wine to soothe the soul! Of course, it does make me regret that we haven’t had the time to head down to the Willamette Valley lately. Since we decided we were going to try to get our house on the market and get a new one, pretty much every waking moment has been dedicated to it. And many of my non-waking moments too, worrying about every possible thing that could go wrong and all the contingencies…

So when our shipment arrives, I’m going to try to set all house drama aside, for just a little while, as I ponder which bottle I want to open. Ahhh…

4 thoughts on “Inspections, Inspections, So Many Inspections!

    • I know, I know! The way the roofer described it, it involves ripping up a whole section of the roof, a stone mason, a carpenter, and then reroofing that section of the roof. Not only did the guy say it was not necessary, but he basically said, “if it’s not broke don’t fix it. You open yourself up to the possibility of roof leaks (which we haven’t had before) when you go messing around with the roof.

      My friend offered to sell me a cast iron ornamental cricket to install on the roof. Sold!

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