Inspections Galore

Yesterday we had the inspections on both the home we are trying to sell and the home we are trying to buy. Jon and my dad were able to attend the inspection and get information on the home we are purchasing. Now we are negotiating over the fixes that need to be completed on the home. Our agent will present our offer in the morning, so now we are back to waiting…

On the home we are selling, we haven’t heard yet on what her inspection found, but I imagine that we will hear tomorrow. I hope nothing major was found, but I guess we will see. I’ve maintained the home over the years, so I would be kind of surprised if much came out it…

On the non-home front (or the home front, depending on your perspective), Oliver has a cold. The poor guy is sneezing, and his eye is watery. Two nights ago he kept both Jon and I awake, but he slept a little better last night.  And so did we.  I feel really bad for him because I can imagine how awful that tickle in your nose could be if you couldn’t blow your nose.


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