A Little Whine with my Wine

Things have been a bit crazy around here lately.  We listed our house for sale on Monday, with just a few things left to fix.  Now we are in a waiting game.  Waiting for buyers to come look at our house.  Waiting for the agent for the woman whose house we are interested in to come to look at our house to see if it is saleable… ie. if she is willing to accept a contingent offer.  Waiting to see if there is something else we love out there.  Waiting is hard for me – I’m very impatient.  Jon is even worse.  We waffle back and forth each day, worrying about whether we made the right decision.  We agonize over whether anybody who has visited will put in an offer…  Clearly I’m not cut out for the real estate biz…  This is so stressful!

Today we went to look at four houses, and almost saw a fifth.  One we had seen before, and is our favorite – the one that doesn’t want to accept a contingent offer.  The other 3 were all no’s.  Looking at houses is tiring – it’s been eight years for me, and I had forgotten how tiring the whole process is.

And on top of all this, I wonder if I have a cold coming on.  I’m sure it is a result of all the stress over the last several weeks.  But this is not the time that I want a cold.  I have too much going on.  I have a conference next week and I want to be able to enjoy myself!  Of course, other things seems to be going well.  Biz is doing well, and his teeth are holding steady.  He was running around like a young man last night, enjoying himself.  Sometimes he really doesn’t seem like a 24 year old horse.  He is fat and sassy and his coat looks great.  You can only tell when he tries to get up from a roll.  And my kitties are all adjusting well to this whole home selling gig.  Martini is just happy snuggling under the covers with me. I guess that will have to be enough.


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