La Rambla Paella

Saturday evening of the Memorial Day weekend, after our wine tasting extravaganza, we headed into McMinnville for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. I first heard about La Rambla several years ago as I was doing a search for restaurants that offer paella. The first time I went, they were out of seafood (it was the end of the Memorial Day weekend). Since paella is what I really wanted, I didn’t stay. Fast forward a couple of years, Jon and I took a trip down to the Willamette Valley, and we made sure to go to La Rambla.

La Rambla’s paella is fantastic. It has the right amount of rice and seafood, and the saffron rice flavor is very good. When we were there Memorial Day weekend, they didn’t get the socarrat, which is the bottom crispy crust on the rice, quite right, but otherwise it was an excellent paella. An outstanding paella has a crispy crust on the bottom of the pan, where the rice has hardened into a crust – it is very difficult to bake this crust to perfection. We also enjoyed a spinach salad, a bread and cheese plate, and lamb skewers. La Rambla is well known for its excellent wine list, both by the glass and by the bottle. This trip though, we brought a bottle of Pinot with us from our day. It was our splurge dinner, since we have watching our budget for the last year since Jon has been back in school. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit. We’ll certainly go back again!

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