When Life Gets in the Way

It’s raining again. I’ve heard that since the beginning of the year, it has only been above 55 degrees 3 times. And it is raining a lot – way more than is normal for the very end of April. The forecast was for snow this morning down to 500 feet this morning, but fortunately, there wasn’t much and it didn’t hit as low as town. I’m so tired of the rain. I’m seriously concerned that one of my coworkers might find me in my office one of these days just staring at the wall and rocking back and forth in my chair. “It’s the rain, they’ll say, and the salary surveys….”

And in the meantime, life goes on. We got home last night to discover that the stove exhaust vent is dripping water. After calling the handyman and climbing up on the ladder to stare at the roof and confirm that the cover to the vent hadn’t just blown off in one of the many rain/windstorms we’ve had lately, it became evident that this would require the absolute dreaded “housecall”. So, we’ll soon be finding out if this is something major, or minor. I’m hoping that it is solidly in the minor category, considering that I just had the roof replaced 5 years ago – when they tore off the entire roof and replaced it. Hopefully we can replace a bit of flashing, and we’re on our way. But, one never knows.

In other expensive news, my sweet 24 year old horse is having dental surgery next week. Now, I know what you are thinking, “horses don’t get wisdom teeth, do they?” And no, they don’t. But Biz never comes down with any sort of normal disease or ailment, so instead, keeping with tradition, he has developed a sort of osteoporosis of the teeth. It is officially called EOTRH, which is short for Equine Odontoclastic Tooth Resorption and Hypercementosis Disease. Don’t worry, I had never heard of this before either. It basically means that his teeth are breaking down at the root level, getting spongy inside, and to combat that problem, his body is also building up extra cartilage on the roots, creating a spongy tooth root with painful growths of cartilage. It makes sense when you look at the x-ray, trust me. Now, you are probably asking, “What sort of insane person would just up and decide to get x-rays on her horse’s teeth?” Yeah, well…. It all started when Biz somehow sheared off a piece of one of his canine teeth. So, he has this little pink exposed area on the tooth that frankly looks quite painful. So we had the vet out in the fall to look at that. He originally thought it was something called a pulp granuloma (I hadn’t heard of that one either), and he wanted to x-ray it to figure out if there was any sort of infection in the root of the tooth, or inflammation below the gumline that would indicate any infection. Oddly enough, when the x-rays were viewed and reviewed and tooth extraction was decided upon, it ended up that the canine tooth isn’t the big problem. So, the canine was the instigator, so to speak, causing all sorts of problems for all his spongy incisors who were just trying to mind their own business.

But quite simply, the trip to the vet clinic to have his first tooth extracted will be extremely nerve-wracking (for both of us, I’m sure), and will cost me an arm (not a leg though… YET…). I have owned Biz for 21 years, and I worry about him. And, this will be the first of many tooth extractions, because they have no cure for this disease, and the sponginess just keeps marching along in the other teeth when you pull one tooth. The vets don’t really know how quickly this can happen, because it varies in each horse, but when you compare the x-rays they did 6 months ago to the ones that were done last month, you can easily see that the disease is progressing.

And so, just like that, the travel fund gets diverted, yet again…. SIGH….

P.S.  Since I wrote this post, it stopped raining, and the leak in the stove exhaust vent turned out to be a weird fluke caused by the direction of the wind, and the velocity of the rain, the exact lining up of the moon with the rings of saturn, and maybe a witch’s curse thrown in for good measure.  In other words, the contractor thinks I’m a nut, but at least I’m not out a couple hundred bucks.

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