Ahhh… Chehalem…

The other night, Jon, Jon’s mom and I split a bottle of the Chehalem Ian’s Reserve Riesling. We got our wine club shipment from Chehalem a couple of weeks ago, and this was included in the package. We had sampled the Riesling before, but I’m not sure that we had ever had the Reserve Riesling. Wow. It is a nice crisp apple Riesling, sweet but not overly sugary, a nice balance that Jon and I both enjoyed. I had mine with clam strips and chips, and to be honest, I started out with a bottle of beer, thinking that the wine would be too sweet for the food. However, when I had a glass of the Riesling, it was a great accompaniment to the vinegar on the fish and chips. It offset the tartness of the vinegar nicely. Jon had his with a grilled halibut topped with avocado. Linda drank hers with Chow Mein (can you tell we got takeout?) Anyway, my point is, the Riesling went well with all three dishes, and we were quite pleased with it. The only thing that could have made it better would have been a nice sunny day with dinner on the patio. Of course, I’ve given up on this spring giving me any warmth at all.

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