Riding in a Bentley

Well, I guess this is my first post.  I will say that I do add my input, however little it may be, to the past posts.  Tonight we opened up a bottle from a recent Woodinville visit.  Cam probably discussed several of these Puget Sound wineries in prior posts.  This particular bottle is from Edmonds Winery.  Going by the name Bentley, this table wine provides more bang for your buck than many red table wines from Washington.  We opened up a bottle of Owen Roe table wine a few months and found it deplorable.  (Disclaimer:  I, unlike Camille and several other people discussing wine , will not hesitate from making my opinion known … even if it may not be shared by others.)  Anyhow, Edmonds was about as intimate as a winery in an industrial area can be.  Bentley, named after owner Doug Peterson’s dog (who is also present in the tasting room) is a rich, heavy, firm Merlot/Malbec blend.  Primarily Merlot (82%), this 2007 vintage has a healthy nose, adequate amount of tannins, and strong fruit base.  Some drawbacks include a limited finish, and rather weak body.  However, for $22, this blend will definitely provide a hearty fill on a lazy night.

Camille here… just wanted to put in a little detail that Jon left out.  Edmonds is family owned and the owner and winemaker, Doug personally served us.  He is great – you can see his passion when he talks about his wines.  Bentley, the winery dog, is superfriendly and about as good a host as anyone could ask for.  And I love the Bentley wine – it is full of structure without being too heavy and bold.

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